Weekly Newsletter | August 2, 2022

August 3: Opening Doors – The Changing Landscape of Houseless Families in Our Community
Throughout history, there have been years that changed everything – and 2020 was that year for houseless families. From the pandemic with its school shutdowns and layoffs to the wildfires and the ice storms with their destruction of property and lives – these often invisible and vulnerable families have needed to find a new path to housing and security in this new and changed landscape. And agencies like St. Francis Family Housing have been learning and working in this new landscape right alongside them,
adapting our practices and programs to meet their needs.
Program Chair: Alicia Bay
Meeting Location: Willamette Heritage Center Spinning Room
Meeting ID: 858 7834 8583
Passcode: 459916
President’s Message
I just thought I would share Rotary International President Jennifer Jones’s initiatives for our upcoming Rotary year.
2022-23 Presidential Initiatives
RI President Jennifer Jones imagines a Rotary where members act to make their dreams reality and to get the most out of their club experiences. This year, Jones will focus on four presidential initiatives that Imagine Rotary: advancing our commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI); creating a welcoming club experience; empowering girls; and expanding our reach. You can join Jones in building a strong future for Rotary by learning more about each of her initiatives.
  • Imagine DEI In 2021, Rotary strengthened its commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion in order to celebrate each person’s contributions, advance equity, and create an inclusive culture where every member and participant knows they are valued. Watch a message from Jones about imagining DEI, find inspirationto ensure that your club or district creates a collaborative, positive, and inclusive environment for everyone, and take action on DEI issues in your club, district, and community.
  • Imagine Comfort and Care Making people feel included and welcomed is the most powerful way we can engage members. Listen to your members to understand why they joined Rotary and what they expect and want from their experience.Watch a message from Jones about creating a welcoming club experienceand take theCreating an Inclusive Club Culturecourse in the Learning Center.
  • Imagine Empowering Girls Jones will continue the initiative of 2021-22 RI President Shekhar Mehta to encourage members to improve the health, well-being, education, and economic security of girls. Share your club’s projects on Rotary Showcase.
Imagine Expanding Rotary’s Reach Over the coming year, Jones will visit eight service projects, each one representing polio eradication or one of Rotary’s areas of focus. The tour will provide examples of how Rotary can make a measurable difference, while also introducing Rotary to new audiences and to potential partners and influencers.
Learn more about Jones’ presidential initiatives. Rotary is just incredible. Please reach out and let me know if there is ever anything I can do for you.
David Decklemann
2022-2023 President
Rotary Club of Salem
100 Years of Service to Our Community & the World