Weekly Newsletter | August 25, 2015

Thanks to all of you who have proposed individuals for membership in our Club. And, thanks to all who have invited guests to our meetings. We are now almost two months into our new Rotary year, and we’ve inducted one new member (hurrah for Dawn Bostwick, sponsor, and David White, new member!). I hope that we’ll be able to pick up the pace of new member inductions in the very near future. For us to continue to be the vibrant Club that we are, we must continue to grow our membership. Why is this important? Well, for one reason, it is natural for our Club to lose members due to job changes and other unforeseen events. So we need a certain number of new members every year just to stay even.
This week, we’ll hear from three host parents about what it’s like to host incoming students through the youth exchange program.
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