Weekly Newsletter | July 17, 2018

July 18 – Salem Convention Center
Program – Cypress Friendship Exchange Students

Today we will hear from students participating in the Cypress Friendship Exchange Program.
Program Chair: Brenda Kidder
Message from President Rus
Well last Wednesday was a special day. Personally, and as a club, we cannot give enough thanks to Past President Bruce and his leadership team. His recap of accomplishments last year clearly showed us our club made a difference. It was also an honor “officially” welcoming Past District Governor Renee back home to her nest.
I spoke last week about the importance to Rotarians of positive impact globally and locally. It can be easy for us to see our local impacts, but we, as a club, are also quietly making a change to those outside our area. One of our global efforts involves providing opportunities for youth to realize the importance of peace within their communities. This week we will have the privilege of hearing from teens living on the politically-challenged island of Cypress. Our club is one of many that sponsor in-home stays in the US allowing teens from each side of the island safe environments to learn about, and from, each other.
This has been an annual program, is truly inspiring, and one of my favorites. I hope you will join us as we learn from these remarkable kids.