Weekly Newsletter | July 20, 2021

July 21: The New UGM
Learn how Union Gospel Mission of Salem is Changing the Face of Homelessness … One Story at a Time! Hear from Mark Hunter, Director of Development about the new facility and its unique design to help those in need lift themselves out of homelessness. As well, hear from one of our community’s previously homeless neighbors who has transformed their life through the programs and services at Union Gospel Mission.
Our meeting will be held in the chapel of the new facility located at 777 Commercial Street. There is parking on the north side of the building – follow the Rotary signs to the entry location.
Program Chair: Warren Bednarz
Message from President Chane
Greetings Fellow Rotarians:
For those who could not attend the July 14th meeting, you missed a treat! Our speaker, Doug Weathers with Sodbusters, provided cold beer for our club. As you can imagine, there were many happy members enjoying their brew. And of course, the program.
Tomorrow, July 21st, we will meet at the new Union Gospel Mission and Mark Hunter will be our program speaker. Mark has encouraged us to use the parking at 777 Commercial Street and assures us there will be signage to guide us to the correct entrance.
As with the rest of July, we can order online, through Little Lois, for our lunches which will be delivered. The order code is below this message. Please join us for what I know will be a highly informative meeting and thank you, Warren, for chairing the program.
There is so much more to share about Gerry Frank. Although one could write a book about Gerry Frank, I would like to point out just a few more facts about Gerry Frank.
Gerry graduated from Cambridge University in England with BA and MA degrees. He also received honorary doctorate degrees from three universities. I think Gerry would say his major accomplishment has been to raise over one-half billion dollars for local and national civic projects and non-profit organizations. In addition, Gerry has held more than 350 volunteer leadership positions with 150 different organizations.
Gerry was Salem’s First Citizen, Oregon’s First Citizen and is the honorary superintendent of the Oregon State Police.
We are thrilled to honor Gerry with the naming of the Gerry Frank| Salem Rotary Amphitheater!
Take care,