Weekly Newsletter | July 27, 2021

July 28: De Muniz Resource Center – Helping People Re-enter Life after Incarceration
The De Muniz Resource Center, a program within Mid-Willamette Valley Community Action Agency, is a one-stop shop reentry resource center. 
Using evidence-based practices, the De Muniz Resource Center connects clients with vital needs, including employment, education, housing, therapy, transportation, and more, all aimed at reducing the rate of recidivism.
Speaker April Cox, Director of Reentry Services, will share how she collaborates with the Marion County Reentry Initiative to ease the transition from incarceration back into the community.
Program Chair: Linda Bednarz
Message from President Chane
Greetings Fellow Rotarians:
What a wonderfully inspiring program we had last week. For those who were unable to join us, Mark Hunter with the Union Gospel Mission talked about their new facility with all the associated programs and services. We were the first group to hold a meeting in their new facility!
One of the takeaway messages that resonated with me was the ability of a community to provide hope and a path toward a meaningful, independent life.
Just a couple of days later, many of us celebrated the grand opening of the Gerry Frank | Salem Rotary Amphitheater. We cannot thank Barry and Ken enough for their steadfast devotion to seeing this five-year project to completion. Our club’s gift to the community was a perfect tribute to Gerry Frank; the man who has given so much to Salem. And a big shout out to Claudia who organized the entire event Friday night. I’m pretty sure she will turn and walk the other way when somebody else suggests she plan another party.
On another note, the Rotary Board decided to discontinue our approach to recording the meetings. It really came down to a financial decision and an awareness that we could not sustain the weekly costs. However, we will continue to look at other options and I’ll keep you in the loop on that.
Take care,