Weekly Newsletter | July 26, 2016

Whether it is raising funds in Kenya for Special Olympic athletes who are visually impaired, medical screening in India for girls with low hemoglobin, a school based meal project in the Philippines, or a local project state-side, Rotarians around the world are providing service to those in need. What do all these Rotarians have in common? They are club members with electric energy and the drive to “get things done.”
That has been our reputation even before Ron Kelemen coined that phrase and made it the Rotary Club of Salem’s informal mantra. Thank you, Ron. We should be proud of what we have done and what we will accomplish in the future. Keeping this club vital and alive is the responsibility of each and every member. Whether actively serving on a committee or proposing someone for membership, service to this club brings fresh life to everything we do.
So, as this Rotary year begins to unfold please ask yourself how can I give to this organization, what service can I provide to keep our club energized, relevant and moving forward. When you find that sweet “service above self” spot, as Phil Knight and Bob Woodell (from Nike) would say – “Just Do It.”

This weeks club meeting: The Shifting Paradigm of Corrections: From Punishment to Rehabilitation, Reformation and Accountability

The Oregon Department of Corrections is responsible for the care and custody of more than 14,600 incarcerated adults in 14 prisons throughout the state. The agency also has direct oversight of more than 2,500 offenders on community supervision in two Oregon counties, and indirect oversight of another 32,000 offenders on supervision in Oregon’s remaining 34 counties.As the philosophy about what works in corrections has evolved across the country from corrections systems that once focused only on punishment to those that are now rooted in rehabilitation, reformation, and accountability, Director of the Oregon Department of Corrections Colette Peters will describe how Oregon’s corrections system works to reduce recidivism and future victimization.
Don’t forget, we’re at the Willamette Heritage Center!

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