Weekly Newsletter | July 19, 2016

In the July issue of the Rotarian there was a feature article about RI President John Germ. He has been recognized for a long time for his “can-do” attitude about everything he has touched, including his campaign to raise money for Polio Plus in concert with the Gates Foundation. He is keenly aware that Rotary must be more clear about what it does at home and abroad and let people know what we have accomplished as an organization. He is also impressed with the younger generation’s willingness to serve others, thus in part his slogan for the year – Rotary Serving Humanity.
So, as we think about our drive this year to “add new leaders” to our club we need to be cognizant that we are fortunate to have a service-minded generation coming up in both the Salem business and non-profit communities. These young people Germ believes will make a dramatic difference in the world if they can be invited to organizations like Rotary. I agree. So as we think about who to reach out to, in the coming weeks for membership, please think about the young people in your life. If we are good at describing what we do – they will join us. If I can be of assistance with ideas and thoughts please contact me if you have a potential member in mind and want some ideas about how make clear what we are all about. We can do this.
This week’s club meeting will be at the Rotary Pavilition at Salem Riverfront Park. The topic: Minto Bridge and Trail. 
Allen Dannen, Assistant City Engineer and Annie Gorski, Interim Economic Development Manager, will talk about the City and Urban Renewal Agency’s role in the Minto Bridge and Trail project and what key steps made this project possible, from a vision in 1975 to construction today.
Specifically, Annie will talk about the history, funding, and community involvement in the project. Allen will share details of the design and construction including what makes this project unique and how its location added design challenges. Finally, you will hear about how art, history, and culture come together to add a new feature to the project. After the program, you can go and tour the site with Allen and Annie.
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