Weekly Newsletter | June 26, 2018

June 27 – Salem Convention Center
Program – The Red Sweater Project

In February of 2018, Rotarians Linda and Warren Bednarz, along with Ron and Kathy Kelemen, traveled to Tanzania to volunteer at the Red Sweater Project with a Willamette University Alumni-planned trip. They spent five days helping at the Mungere Secondary School, which was started by Ashley Holmer, a WU alum. Ashley is the Founding Executive Director and Red Sweater Project CEO, Red Rhino Tours.
The Red Sweater Project is a non-profit organization that collaborates with developing communities in rural Tanzania to create affordable, accessible, and innovative opportunities for secondary education where it currently doesn’t exist for the majority of children.
Hear more about the Red Sweater Project from Ashley as she shares her incredible journey with us.

Program Chair: Linda Bednarz

Message from President Bruce
“A Club That Gets Things Done.” We may have started using that phrase about our club during Ron Keleman’s term as club president. And to me, it accurately and succinctly describes our club’s mindset, if you will, of who we are and that we take action to help people.
This week, we will see the results of your action when you financially support our tremendous Salem Rotary Foundation: Good Works Committee Chair Adam Kohler will announce the recipients of this year’s Small Grants! These awards, ranging from $500 to $1,500 each, will support activities that help our community’s children (fostering creativity, providing sports scholarships for low-income kids, giving basic help for homeless children, and more), support people going through mental health challenges, and get educational tools to people working to move on from their current situation of homelessness. We have some awesome non-profits here in the Salem area doing great work that will be helped by this year’s awards totaling $10,000!
Support for SRF comes in many ways – Bellringers and raffle ticket purchases at our weekly meetings, monthly Sustainer Support, donations at our annual Good Works auction, direct donations, or including SRF in your will.  Your generous support of our own Salem Rotary Foundation enables us to do Good Works in our community, demonstrating so well this year’s RI Theme, “Rotary: Making A Difference.”
I’ll see you Rotary!