Weekly Newsletter | June 5, 2018

June 6 – Salem Convention Center
Program – Mill Creek Corporate Center

Chad Freeman, CEO of SEDCOR, will discuss the Mill Creek Corporate Center, which is the largest “shovel ready” industrial site between Sacramento and Seattle. The Mill Creek Corporate Center is a master-planned 548-acre industrial site located near Interstate 5 and just 45 miles south of Portland. The project offers large distribution sites, business and industrial parks, and a commercial core offering restaurants, banking, and other services for the corporate   center occupants. Flex-space, manufacturing sites, warehousing, and offices are offered in a spacious, planned environment. Companies that have already invested include: FedEx, PacTrust, Henningsen Cold Storage Co., The Home Depot and Amazon.
Program Chair: Sue Bloom
Message from President Bruce
Hallo, my fellow Rotarians!
Our club has been actively engaged in bringing clean drinking water to Haiti for the past several years. We have helped build wells and are undertaking a new project to build more wells and bathrooms. Shout out to Howard Baumann, Cynthia Witham, and Bo Nyleen for leading our club in this very important work, helping the people there recover from the devastating earthquake of 2010.
This past week, we in the Salem area got first-hand experience on the value and importance of clean drinking water. Residents of Salem and a few surrounding areas had their systems impacted after toxins from algae were detected and restrictions imposed.
While situations in Salem and Haiti are different, having access to good drinking water is a universal necessity. It’s one of those basic, critical infrastructure systems we all need for life. My hope is that we can reflect on the situation that cropped up here locally and possibly have a snippet of what the people of Haiti have been enduring for nearly eight years. And gaining more understanding of people in other parts of the world, to me, is one of the great things about Rotary.
I’ll see you at Rotary!