Weekly Newsletter | March 22, 2016

This is Water and Sanitation Month on the Rotary International calendar. In that spirit, I thought I would share the attached handwritten note. It was delivered to me by Cynthia Witham from Lavaud Cheristin of Hinche, Haiti.

The text reads, “Dear President Mary, Thank you for sending Cynthia and the other Rotarians to see the realization of the last project/wells and latrines. Thank you also for this year’s project. Your time and financial help are appreciated. -Lavaud Cheristin, Secretary of Rotary Club Hinche.”
In my recent President’s Message of February 23, I wrote about Cynthia’s visit to Haiti, along with fellow Club member Bo Nyleen and others. Cynthia and Bo will present a program to our Club on March 30, along with photos of the projects we’ve sponsored in earthquake-ravaged Haiti.  This is an excellent opportunity for you to invite interested guests and prospective Club members to a meeting. It will highlight some of the best work that our Club accomplishes on the global front. I hope to see you, and a good number of guests, to help celebrate all we do around the world as Rotarians.
Wednesday’s meeting: Oregon Community Foundation. Max Williams, President and CEO of the Oregon Community Foundation, will talk about the key OCF initiatives and programs that are truly making an impact across our state.