Weekly Newsletter | May 10, 2016

Thank you to each of you Club members who have  sponsored a new member this year. Because of you, we now have 14 delightful new individuals to share membership with in our Club. These new members bring with them fresh energy, new ideas and a genuine desire to be included in all we do. Many of them are already active in committee work. I am sure they have many questions about Rotary that longer-standing members can answer for them. So, when you sit down for lunch at a table with a new member, please introduce yourself and talk with them about the meaning of Rotary in your life.
At this time of year, our Treasurer Chuck delivers the dues notices. Some members must let us know that they will not be renewing their membership. Reasons can be as varied as a job change or a residence move. Unfortunately, one of our members passed away this year. Whatever the reason, it’s inevitable that we lose some of our members at fiscal year-end.  So, we may very well end the year with a smaller net gain in membership than we would like to see.
It is not too late to schedule more new member inductions before we close our year. Please remember the reasons you joined Rotary, and what you most value about being a Rotarian. One of the best reasons is the opportunity to serve, which adds so much meaning and satisfaction to our lives. Another one is fun and friendships with people of all different ages and backgrounds. How about learning? Are our Club meetings informative and stimulating? Of course! And, leadership development is a great advantage, no matter what stage of life you’re in. So, be sure to take action and invite guests to lunch, so they can find out what a great organization Rotary is. Follow our Club’s formal procedure for identifying prospective members, and then follow through. Please call upon me if you’d like my help in any way. Let’s finish the year strong!!!
This week’s Club Meeting: It’s All About Bees
There’s definitely a buzz surrounding the May 11 program. And that’s just one of many puns that will be on display when OSU entomologist Sujaya Roa describes her research on bees. Dr. Rao focuses on native pollinators, bumblebees to be exact. She is engaged in some fascinating projects to track the movement of bees including work with the OSU College of Engineering to put GPS devices on bees. This promises to be an unBEElievable presentation!
Don’t forget, we’re back at the Salem Convention Center this week!
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