Weekly Newsletter | May 3, 2016

At a recent Club meeting, Shalisa Pierce shared a very informational piece on human trafficking in Oregon and around the world. I asked Jayne Downing, from the Center for Hope & Safety, to share some comments on how human trafficking presents itself in our community. Jayne wrote,
“Unlike Portland, you are not likely to see women walking along a main street in Salem. Most often, commercial sex trafficking in Marion County takes place through motels. Traffickers rent out a block of motel/hotel rooms and bring in women to be sold. Contact by those individuals who are buying sex is usually made over the internet. The women will likely be brought in from other areas of the country and may not even know where they are currently staying. The traffickers keep them confined for a number of days; not allowing them to leave their rooms, even for food.
“The Salem Police Department is working with motel owners to make sure they understand how their establishments may be used in commercial sex trafficking. Many motel owners have allowed the Center for Hope & Safety to place decals in each of the rooms (paid for by a generous grant by the Salem Rotary Club) with the following message: ‘Is someone hurting you? Can you leave if you want to? Please call for help. We’re available 24-7 at 503-399-7722 to speak with an advocate at the Center for Hope & Safety.’ The decals have been effective. The Center for Hope & Safety has received calls and been able to assist victims of trafficking here.
“In addition, the Center for Hope & Safety works with young victims of trafficking and works to prevent trafficking in our community. Youth advocates meet with young girls and boys that have been victims; assisting them to connect with long-term support. Every year, the Center for Hope & Safety speaks to thousands of youth in the middle and high schools about human trafficking and how to keep themselves safe.
“Unfortunately, human trafficking is a reality even in our wonderful community. It is important for every person to understand the impact of sex and labor trafficking around the world and in our own backyard.”

This week’s Club Meeting: Rotary and World Peace
Rotarian (Ashland, Oregon) Dr. Carol Fellows is a member of the Rotary Peace Centers Committee of The Rotary Foundation. She also chairs District 5110’s Rotary Peace Fellowships. A past president of the Klamath County Rotary Club and an Assistant District Governor, Carol will share her wealth of knowledge and passion about Rotary’s efforts to build peace.
Don’t forget, we’re at Willamette Heritage Center!
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