Weekly Newsletter | May 4, 2021

May 5: Now What?
With the end of the pandemic in sight, many of us are crawling out of quarantine, blinking at the bright sun and thinking, now what?
Speaker Shari Storm will share three tips for maintaining strong bonds with those we care about most as we transition back to normal.
Program Chair: Chane Griggs
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Message from President Sue
Greetings fellow Rotarians!
I hope you all had an enjoyable weekend! My husband Gene and I celebrated our 39th wedding anniversary camping near Newport, then were greeted with a beautiful day to play golf at Salishan-time sure flies!
Below is a link to all info regarding vaccination clinics in the area. Please share with those you know wanting to learn more:
I know we’re all looking forward to the next opportunity to see the Amphitheater up close and personal. If you had a chance to read the article in the Statesman Sunday about the Ironman event coming to Salem, my understanding from Barry & Ken was that the organizers of the event were super-excited to have a convening venue like the amphitheater for their first event in Salem. Many great things to come for our community with the opening of the theater as a capstone to our beautiful riverfront park.
Have a wonderful week, I’ll see you Wednesday!
Yours in service. Sue  
President Sue Bloome