Weekly Newsletter | May 11, 2021

May 12: The City of Independence …. on the move!
How many times have you driven through the City of Independence and marveled at the infrastructure and business growth by our neighbors to the west? Our program this week will be a presentation from Shawn Irvine of the City of Independence. His program, “how did we get here and where are we going?” Will focus on how the city has leveraged community engagement and participation to build the civic infrastructure, setting the stage for private development.
Program Chair: Rus McCracken
Passcode: 802314
Meeting ID: 975 0287 0288
One tap mobile: 16699006833
Message from President Sue
Greetings fellow Rotarians!
I hope all enjoyed their varied Mother’s Day celebrations.
A business highlight of our meeting will be inducting Alena Harvey with UGM as our newest member! Mark Hunter is her sponsor.
See you tomorrow.
Yours in service. Sue  
President Sue Bloome