Weekly Newsletter | November 2, 2016

This next Wednesday is our “kick-off” meeting for the month of November where The Rotary Foundation (TRF) will share the stage with our ongoing New Member Drive. As the video (you will see) clearly states, we have reached “A Century of Doing Good in the World.” Whether it’s Group Study Exchange, Polio Plus, Matching Grants, Supporting Education, Special Project Grants, Promoting Peace, fighting hunger, or sponsoring a health clinic, Rotary is at the center of these positive happenings – world-wide. From a $26.00 gifted beginning to over a billion spent to date, Rotary continues to get measurable results by simply following this year’s motto – “Serving Humanity.”
So when Claudia Vorse steps up the mic Wednesday, please give her your undivided attention as she is starting the TRF ball rolling for us this year. I hope you are all having a great and productive week. Bring a friend to hear about Detroit Lake and the Willamette Project.
This week’s Club Meeting: Detroit Lake and Willamette River Flood Control
Erik Petersen, Operations Manager for the US Army Corps of Engineers, will provide an overview of the 13 dams & reservoirs of the Willamette Valley Project. He will also address the water management challenges at Detroit Reservoir.
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