Weekly Newsletter | November 8, 2016

Last week you received an “orange flyer” in your box with a message about Rotary International Month. Claudia Vorse shared some words of encouragement with you during the club meeting to give. You saw a video presentation of the types of service the Foundation provides around the world and received a brief message from me in last weeks eBlast to kick off this month of giving.
So, please take a moment from your busy life and consider what makes sense for you to share with those in need around the world, those that Rotary serves, those truly in need. As the month progresses I hope you will find the right time to step up and make a donation to this most worthy cause, “Rotary Serving Humanity” – The Rotary International Foundation.
This Week’s Club Meeting: Focus On Our Veterans. Lt. Col. Sean O’Day will address our club about his experience as a combat veteran, the many ways veterans give back to our community, and other issues our veterans face.
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