Weekly Newsletter | November 15, 2016

Last week a member walked up to me and said that she enjoyed my weekly messages. When I asked why, she said, “Because they were short” and I’m guessing to the point. That is – little or no psychobabble.
Well here goes another brief message I know is on members’ minds from time to time. I know it can be a pain when it seems like Rotary is always asking for your time and, I might add, money. From time to time I, too, feel like it’s too much when we go year after year asking you to serve and give in support of a targeted piece of the world. I know I have also asked myself the same question. Why?
So, is a life that includes Rotary in general, and the 4-Way Test specifically, worth it? Well, where I end up is that “meeting those two challenges” (worked into my life) is exactly why I belong to Rotary. If we each do and give what we can, that is all that Rotary can ever ask of any member.
Whether its Club Building through our 2016-17 Membership Growth Activity, fund raising for our annual project and the Salem Rotary Foundation, cleaning up a park in the metro area or giving to Rotary International this month, Rotary’s mix of service has just become a special part of what my life is all about. I am here because I believe in what we do (and accomplish) and I because it gives my life an ambient feeling of joy and harmony. End of story.
This week’s meeting: An Inside View of College Football Refereeing. Salem’s Mike Batlan, a familiar face if you’ve watched college football on TV during the regular or post-season, is a veteran Pac 12 referee who will talk about his experiences refereeing in college football.
Don’t forget, we’re at the Willamette Heritage Center!
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