Weekly Newsletter | November 22, 2016

While there are many moving parts to make a Rotary club really meaningful to its members and successful in mission, none is more important than the active ingredient – Fellowship and the resulting Trust and Friendships that develop over time. It has frequently been said that vision, mission and friendships are the “glue” that hold Rotary clubs together. These ongoing friendships support much of the motivation and forward momentum of club members to actively show up and serve. It has been my experience, after 30 plus years in Rotary, that if someone joins a Rotary club and after six months hasn’t make a new friend or bonded with a committee mission, they don’t stay on after that first yea,
We however, are “lucky ducks,” we have one of the most active and entertaining Fellowship Committees in the country and while Teresa would give all of the credit to her “super cool” Fellowship Team, she should get more than a nod for the leadership and organization she brings to that important “club building” set of activities. It, in many ways, becomes the core of maintaining and building membership once that feature of our club is discovered.
So, once again, “hats off” to Teresa, a strong and positive leader, and her team for the joy and happiness they bring to our club every week and especially through all the Fellowship events and activities they bring to this club year-after-year.
This week’s meeting: Club Fellowship. Join us for a fun event and get to know your fellow Rotarians that much better!
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