Weekly Newsletter | October 11, 2016

October 24th is World Polio Day. Like other Rotary clubs around the world we will be “refreshing” our commitment to seeing this world-changing medical issue to its goal-line. Eradication is so close – just two countries. But, as you know, with any substantial undertaking, it’s the last 5% that is the toughest to make stick, i.e. making Polio history.
Funding this last 5% of activity is also tough because as Polio fades from prominence, it is harder to bring the issue to public attention and keep concern for the issue alive and strong. So as we work our way through 2016, and especially this October, please keep this world-wide Rotary commitment foremost in your mind. More thoughts and actions to come.
This week’s meeting: A Journey to America and Reflections on Becoming a Rotary Peace Fellow.
Ahmad Mohibbi was sponsored by the Rotary Club of Salem to participate in Rotary International’s new Rotary Peace Fellow program. He graduated with a Master’s of Social Science in Peace Conflict Studies from the Rotary Peace Centre at Uppsala University in Sweden. Ahmad grew up in Afghanistan during the bloody Afghan civil war and moved in 2007 to the United States where he completed his formal education. Ahmad will speak about being a Rotary Peace fellow and share his experiences and perspectives on a war-torn region of the world.
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