Weekly Newsletter | October 4, 2016

Whether it’s setting up a Community Garden and Farm Training Center in Cape Flats, South Africa, cleaning up beaches in the Philippines, fighting to reduce domestic violence in Gainesville, Texas, or setting up a non-profit (SHE) that now engages 800 women in employment in India, Rotarians around the world are working hard to make our planet a better place.
Here in Salem we are also gearing up to do our annual fund raiser, again, under the able leadership of Christian Bryant. We need “many volunteers” to make this years event a total success. So get to Loren or Christian and get your name in the Volunteer Q to help be a 2016 force for good, i.e., Rotary Serving Humanity.
So…we are now turning our attention, full time, to our annual Rotary Auction. Keep your eyes and ears open in the coming weeks to learn who our selected agency is to receive this years funding. Brenna and her Selection Committee have taken on this year’s review process with her/their usual energy, savvy, smarts and vigor. More to be announced soon.
Again, a final “Thank You” to Dawn and her able crew for another super-year Salem Rotary Foundation drive.
And keep the flow of “new” Rotary Club of Salem member names coming in for induction. Thank you for seeing the importance of our club continuing to thrive by growing.
This week’s club meeting: Bud Pierce, Gubernatorial Candidate. Bud Pierce will talk with us about his campaign to be Oregon’s next governor. Don’t forget, we’re at the Willamette Heritage Center!
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