Weekly Newsletter | September 13, 2022

September 14: Oregon State Capitol Seismic Upgrade Update
The Oregon State Capitol has been undergoing several major upgrades, known as CAMS (Capitol Accessibility, Maintenance and Safety) since it was approved by the 2016 Oregon Legislature. While the current phase of the project wraps up soon, they have launched into CAMS III. The new phase concentrates on the original 1938 State Capitol making overdue ADA, functionality, fire systems, and seismic upgrades along with system issue changes. The first two phases cost around $131 million (which included updates to the 1977 portions and building-wide upgrades) and CAMS III funding is $375 million.
Jodie Jones, project leader since 2018, will provide the latest status report on one of Oregon’s most iconic buildings.
Program Chair: Bruce Anderson
Meeting Location:
Willamette Heritage Center Spinning Room
President’s Message
This week we are back at the Heritage Center. Bruce Anderson is bringing us a fascinating program on the Seismic Upgrades to the capital, I am really bummed that I am going to miss it this week. Past President Sue has agreed to run the program this week. THANK YOU, SUE, for filling in for me.
Keep those pictures coming. Here is John McCulley in Montenegro this week, unfortunately, he was unable to attend the meeting. You will have to ask him all about it when he gets back.
David Decklemann
2022-2023 President
Rotary Club of Salem
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