Weekly Newsletter | September 20, 2022

September 21: Pendleton Woolen Mills – A Behind the Scenes Look
Kathy Monaghan, Director of Brand Marketing for Pendleton Woolen Mills, will share a brief history and overview of Pendleton Woolen Mills, and its connection to the American Wool Industry here in Oregon and Washington. Learn more about the roots and traditions of this 159 year old American heritage brand.
Program Chair: Tammy Dennee
Meeting Location:
Willamette Heritage Center Spinning Room
President’s Message
This week we’re back at the Heritage Center. Tammy Dennee, who just returned from the Pendleton Round-Up, is Program Chair for our presentation on the Pendleton Woolen Mills.  
Tammy at the Pendleton Rotary Club
Chuck on top of the world. It looks like he forgot his Salem Rotary Flag!
Ron Kelemen’s Sri Lanka adventures from several years ago.
And who says Rotary Fellowships are not fun? Sorry I missed this one. Keep those pictures coming. I love seeing Rotary in action.
I hope you are having a great week.
David Decklemann
2022-2023 President
Rotary Club of Salem
100 Years of Service to Our Community & the World