Weekly Newsletter | September 28, 2021

September 29: Salem Rotary Foundation, the Charitable Heart of the Rotary Club of Salem
Join us to hear from Annabella Ramey, the Chemeketa Community College student awarded the Duvall Scholarship. In addition, we will learn about the programs that benefited from the latest round of Good Works grants.
Also presenting, Adam Kohler, Chair of the Good Works Committee.
Learn about how your donations to the Salem Rotary Foundation make a real difference for children and families in our community.
Program Chair: Jayne Downing
Meeting Location: Willamette Heritage Center’s Spinning Room
Message from President Chane
Greetings Fellow Rotarians:
As we heard last week during Rus’ Salem Rotary Foundation Moment, one of the many charitable activities that our Salem Rotary Foundation manages is the Duvall Scholarship. This is a $2,000 award that the SRF gives annually to a deserving student at Chemeketa Community College. And who might you ask manages that coordination? My hat’s off to Doug Parham who as a member of the SRF Board, reviews the applications and collaborates with a committee to announce the awardee.
Thank you, Doug, and the SRF for the splendid work that I am proud to say – stems from our club.
Take care,