Weekly Newsletter | August 23, 2016

This is the last Wednesday club meeting of August – 2016’s Rotary Membership Month. I am pleased to note that several of you have stepped up already and submitted a name or have moved a new member through the process. We will have another member to induct again this Wednesday. We are on a bit […]

Weekly Newsletter | August 16, 2016

This week I am pleased to share that we have District Governor Tom Markos speaking to us at the Willamette Heritage Center. I have had the pleasure of hearing Tom speak several times and each time I am impressed with not only his delivery (which is humble) but what he has to say (personal stories […]

Weekly Newsletter | August 9, 2016

Some heart felt  thoughts: As you know I have been thinking a lot about our clubs membership level, how many members we tragically lost when the July renewal time arrived, what’s the current composition of the club and what could I/we do to make the club stronger and more able to deliver on our 2016-17 […]

Weekly Newsletter | August 2, 2016

In my last note to the club I mentioned several projects supported by Rotary members/clubs in the area of International Service from around the world. Our club is no exception when it comes to working in this area either. Our work in Haiti is a great example. Last week I mentioned the “vision/contribution” to our […]

Weekly Newsletter | July 26, 2016

Whether it is raising funds in Kenya for Special Olympic athletes who are visually impaired, medical screening in India for girls with low hemoglobin, a school based meal project in the Philippines, or a local project state-side, Rotarians around the world are providing service to those in need. What do all these Rotarians have in common? They […]

Weekly Newsletter | July 19, 2016

In the July issue of the Rotarian there was a feature article about RI President John Germ. He has been recognized for a long time for his “can-do” attitude about everything he has touched, including his campaign to raise money for Polio Plus in concert with the Gates Foundation. He is keenly aware that Rotary must […]

Weekly Newsletter | July 12, 2016

This week we will induct our first new member for the 2016-17 year. I am pleased to say that it is Ed Whipple who is in charge of Student Life at Willamette University and Jim Booth will do the honors of introducing him to our club. It is great that we are off to such […]

Weekly Newsletter | July 5, 2016

The life-blood of any and all healthy organizations is that they must grow. In government they must constantly improve the quality and efficiency of the service that they are charged to provide the public. In the private sector they must produce useful products or services the public wants and will pay for and with private […]

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