GoodWorks Small Grant Applications Now Open

GoodWorks Small Grant Application

The Rotary Club of Salem and Salem Rotary Foundation has funds available for smaller projects that will benefit our community. Grants generally range from $500 - $1,500 each.

Eligible projects for consideration are those that directly or indirectly foster, develop, promote, and encourage the health, education, and the general welfare of primarily youth in the city of Salem and the surrounding area. Interested applicants should submit proposals for a project focused on service projects performed by Salem area non-profit organizations.

Examples of purposes for which grants are typically made: scholarships, educational activities, programs or events and acquisition of equipment or supplies for educational or health purposes. Grants generally will not be made for general administrative or operating expenses or to retire financial debt.

A committee will review all proposals and make selections based on the funds available. The Rotary Club of Salem Board of Directors will determine what project(s) to fund. A formal announcement to the recipients and those who were not selected will be made no later than June 30th, 2021.

To apply, please complete the application below. Note that the red asterisk items are mandatory. Please keep your responses brief. Applications must be received no later than April 12th, 2021. If you have questions, please contact Adam Kohler at or 208-724-2435 (please be sure to leave a message).

General Information:

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Share a brief history of your organization and what it does. (up to 250 words):*
Please complete the following thought: "Our organization would use the GoodWorks grant funding to..." (up to 250 words):*
What amount is your organization requesting? (Remember, small grants are generally between $500 - $1,500.)*
What demographic and how many people will benefit from this project? (up to 50 words):*
Are there any other organizations that you do or will collaborate with on this project? (up to 50 words):*
If applicable, please note other funds you have secured or are seeking as a part of the overall funding package. (up to 50 words):
What is the longevity of your project? (up to 50 words):*
Are there any branding opportunities for The Rotary Club of Salem within your project and partnership? (up to 50 words):*
What is your organization’s policy on non-discrimination in the delivery of its services? (up to 50 words):*

Attachments (.PDFs only):

Provide a one page letter of attest for the grant application, signed by your organization's chief executive and board chair.*

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Note: it may take a couple of minutes for your application to process.

When complete, you will receive an email confirmation at the address you have provided, and you will be brought back to the application page with a note confirming that your form was successfully submitted.