Weekly Newsletter | April 5, 2016

Shopping for a duvet cover? Looking for an Italian meal? How about some Nike gear? You can get good deals on all these popular items, and much more, by shopping through Rotary Global Rewards.
Marriott North America is offering 6% back to Rotary when you book through Rotary Global Rewards.  I found a “save $25” offer when booking through Airbnb for a stay in Dublin, or in Copenhagen, or Seoul.  And much more!
Rotary Global Rewards is a member benefits program that is open to any Rotarian worldwide. The website appears to be well designed, and there are a lot of deals available. To participate, all you have to do to is sign onto www.rotary.org and log into your My Rotary account. If you don’t have one yet, it’s easy to create one.

Once you’re logged into My Rotary, you will find boundless resources available to you as a Rotarian, including international directories and loads of information about any area you’re interested in. For example, I selected “Rotaract” off the main menu. Up popped handbooks, discussion group choices, videos about Rotaract, and a Club Finder. There are many other topics of interest as well.
If you really want to be cool, apply for a Rotary credit card. This Visa card offers 1% cash back on every purchase, and more. Bank of America donates $100 toward polio eradication with every activated account.

So, being a Rotarian has many consumer benefits, as well as doing so much good in the world.
Happy shopping!
This week’s meeting will be at the Salem Convention Center. Topic: Saving Salem’s History. Hazel Patton will present her views on the growth and development of Salem  and the part she has played over the years in keeping the best of the city’s historical traditions alive and well.