Weekly Newsletter | July 24, 2018

July 25 – Salem Convention Center

Program – Rotary Club of Salem and YOU!

Rus McCracken, club president, will talk about Rotary Club of Salem and YOU!
Program Chair: Rus McCracken
Message from President Rus
When I first spoke to the club a couple of weeks ago, I talked about the meaning of Rotary and why people join. I mentioned Joseph Kovarik of Cottage Grove, MN who summed it up in eight little, yet very big, words; Improving People’s Lives Locally and Globally Through Service. In other words, through our service, making an impact where ever we can. It is the key reason we are Rotarians, better known as the “Rotary Why.” Our club is large and offers many opportunities for us to find an avenue to serve our Rotary Why. Our club page on DACdb lists 41 committees…quite a menu from which you can choose.
Our meeting tomorrow is intended to feature our service opportunities for two reasons: as a means of awareness to our newer members, and an opportunity for our veteran members to explore fresh avenues to expand their impact and friendships through our great club. Our time is limited, and we cannot exhibit all 41 committees, but you will see and meet fellow club members engaged in our international activities, local efforts, planning/administration/public image, and weekly meetings support.
As we get started tomorrow, take a look at our new 4-Way Test banner in the front of the room. Focus on item numbers 3 and 4. Then look around at the many opportunities on display. Ask yourself if something fits your passion, or Rotary Why, or if there is something you might like to explore. You never know where lightning might strike, but in our club that is a very good thing.