Weekly Newsletter | July 31, 2018

August 1 – Rotary Pavilion, Riverfront Park

Program – ShelterBox and Rotary – There When Disaster Strikes

Rotary partners with ShelterBox all over the world (including the US) whenever a disaster displaces people. Shelterbox has grown to include more than just a tent. Bill Woodard will describe what Shelterbox does and how it and its Rotary partners are being an inspiration.

Program Chair: John McCulley

Message from President Rus

Wow, last week’s meeting was quite an affair. Thanks, again, to the board and committee members who so eagerly volunteered to showcase their respective activities. I cannot emphasize enough the power of these committees in providing us the inspiration to make an impact either locally or globally, a fundamental piece of why we are Rotarians. The feedback I’ve received is very positive with many members signing up on new committees…. yahoo engagement in action!

Well this week, we’ve got a couple of other opportunities. First, it is time for our annual picnic at the Pavilion, a chance to see and use our awesome contribution to Riverfront Park and the City of Salem. Always a fun time, the informality also promotes the friendships so important to our membership. Yes, to those that can, shorts and t-shirts are in order. On top of that, if you thought it did not get any better, our program will showcase Shelterbox, a program in partnership with Rotary International making a significant impact around the world to those impacted by various disasters. You are financial supporters to this program through your Rotary International contributions each year along with many other benefits.

Come on out, grab a hotdog or hamburger, have some fellowship, and see this remarkable program and what we are doing to make an impact in the world.

See you Wednesday.