Weekly Newsletter | March 14, 2017

As we close in on the last quarter of this Rotary year I wanted to take a moment to communicate (from the heart) the vision behind the idea of going “all out” with a focused and serious membership push this year.
Vision – I want our club and District 5100 to be seen nationally as one of the most successful districts (including our club) on the planet.
The “why” behind that choice, emphasis and vision this year is really CORE to our club’s future impact locally and internationally.
First, and foremost we must continue to grow – we “must grow” the heart of our club to stay creative and vibrant.
Second, through active participation our members strengthen their leadership skills through the committee and individual contributions they make over time, i.e., we must become better and better individual Rotarian to meet our evolving vision and associated challenges.
Third, lifetime and deep-seated friendships really do develop and that makes us better people and a better club – that is, stronger people and stronger (real time) contributors.
Finally, it creates real and measurable power radiating out from the club and its members to get things done. As I have said many times, we are a smart, savvy, informed and fun-loving club that gets things done, period.
Lastly, two new and very important moves, alliances have formed this year.
The first was the challenge to each club member from the president to sponsor a new member. Many of you have delivered or still plan to step up. I truly thank you for your effort and success to date. Your success has not gone unrecognized.
The second club challenge/alliance is the new energy that is building in the reconstituted Membership Committee and their upcoming plan to reach out to existing inactive members who may quit Rotary this summer. They are on the move already to make this effort real and as successful as our attracting new members has become.
We all wish them well in the next three months. If they reach out to you because they know you know a particular inactive member, please step up.
So, if we pull off this 2016-17 membership undertaking we can look at any club on the planet with pride and know we did our part to keep Rotary here in Oregon on the move.
Susanna – (Inside Baseball) Sorry I got so lengthy this week.

March 15 – Salem Convention Center
Club Meeting: Judson Middle School Jazz Band

The Judson Middle School Jazz Band pays us a visit!
Program Chair – Karl Raschkes