Weekly Newsletter | March 7, 2017

Several of you have asked about the steps involved – from identifying a potential Rotary member to actual membership.
Five easy steps:

  1. If you find someone you think would make an active/creative Rotarian invite them to a meeting and tell them “your Rotary story” and what Rotary is all about.
  2. If they express a genuine interest get them vetted.
  3. When the two weeks expire and “all is well” talk with them about dues, what’s involved in being a Rotary member (in more detail) and get them an “on-line” application. Holly can help.
  4. When completed make sure it gets sent back to Holly. She will make sure that prior to induction you get a Rotary packet as their sponsor.
  5. With a simple back and forth text Chuck can get you the prorated dues figure to the end of the Rotary year, and then… Yes !!!
  6. Schedule a Wednesday Induction date with me.

I hope this general outline is helpful. If you get stuck in the process please call or text me.

March 8 – Willamette Heritage Center
Our speaker will be Carlos Kalmar, who is in his fourteenth season as Music Director of the Oregon Symphony. He is also the artistic director and principal conductor of the Grant Park Music Festival in Chicago.