Weekly Newsletter | March 20, 2018

March 21 – Salem Convention Center
Program – 2018 Outlook and Trends in Downtown Salem Commercial Real Estate

Retail businesses and commercial real estate in Downtown Salem and other parts of our community have seen significant changes lately. Where retail is and where it’s going is a moving target – case in point: the recently-announced closure of the downtown Salem Nordstrom’s store, one of the anchor businesses of our downtown. We will hear from one of the top experts, Curt Arthur, Managing Director for Salem’s SVN Commercial Advisors. One of the top commercial realtors in the Willamette Valley, Curt will discuss current trends with a focus on downtown Salem along with providing an outlook for upcoming issues. Read more about Curt.
Program Chair: Warren Bednarz
PresMsgMessage from President Bruce
Howdy, Salem Rotarians!
For me, this came to mind as we hosted my oldest daughter and some of her friends for an overnight at our home during their break from college in LA. They had a great time together at dinner, afterwards playing games and talking, and then, on a trip to Portland the next day.
Well, we have amazing fellowship as Salem Rotarians, don’t we? Wonderful weekly meetings, vocational tours (next up: Swiftcare in West Salem; social time afterwards at Xicha Brewing [thanks, Claudia Vorse]), firesides (thank you, Teresa Lulay), blood drives (thanks, Tim Nissen), bell ringing for the Salvation Army (thanks, Fred Gates and Capt. Dan), Hands-on Projects (thanks, Sue Bloom), our Winer activities (thanks, Holly Berry and crew), and many more. And, why are these so darn great times? A few reasons: they’re activities where we’re working to help others, raise funds for good causes, or where we’re coming together to simply enjoy the company of neat people who share the common goals, objective, and mission of Rotary.
Thank you all for our time together in fellowship in this distinct organization – standing for truth and fairness, building goodwill and bettering friendships, and serving others.
I’ll see you at Rotary!

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