Weekly Newsletter | March 8, 2022

March 9: Special Concert by Whiteaker Middle School Choir
Enjoy a concert by the Whiteaker Middle School Choir directed by Rebecca Holland, undoubtedly the best MS Choir Teacher in Oregon and one of the very best nationwide. The Whiteaker Choir has received numerous, exclusive first-place awards in Choir competitions throughout Oregon and the Northwest.
You will find it hard to believe that these are middle school kids when you hear them sing exactly on pitch – using four-part harmony with beautiful vocal tone, sophisticated phrasing, and diction. This is the product of a great teacher with high expectations. 
Program Chair: Karl Raschkes
Meeting Location: Willamette Heritage Center’s Spinning Room
Meeting ID: 826 2956 8450
Passcode: 372497
Greetings Fellow Rotarians,
Next Week’s Meeting
Since TOMORROW’S program will be the Whitaker Choir, we will reverse the program’s order. We will have the choir perform at the beginning of the meeting and it will be followed by our business portion.
Also of note, our current zoom system does not provide for perfect audio during the musical performance. Raymond will do his best, but just a heads up.
Selling Wine to Support the North Salem High School Baseball Team
The local Rotary clubs received a message about the severe need of the NSHS baseball team for financial support to buy equipment for many of their financially challenged team members. Head Coach, David Gier, and the team held a fundraiser recently to help buy equipment and raised $800. Here is a partial quote from the coach:
‘North Salem Baseball needs help with equipment for our players who have difficult living situations. We have players who share an apartment with 10 family members sleeping on a mattress or the bare floor. We have other players who stay with teammates the night before a game so that they can get good sleep. …We need belts, socks, sliding shorts, and batting gloves. We also need fielding gloves; I have a lot of players that show up with plastic gloves.’
To help with the effort, we will be selling extra wine from our fundraiser – at our Wednesday meeting. We are asking for $20 per bottle and the proceeds will go directly to NSHS Baseball Team.
Singing to Return in April
March 16th will be our first meeting, in a long time, without the required masks. And with no masks, comes singing! Linda will work with the music committee to reinstate the song leaders’ schedule. So, for all you newer members, we have traditionally sung a song right after the invocation (I better check on that order…), and it’s just a fun time as a club. Trust me, you do not need to sing well at all. Just stand by Warren, Mary James, or Vanessa and they will cover for you. Words to the songs will be printed out and on your tables.
Chane Griggs
2021-2022 President
Rotary Club of Salem
100 Years of Service to Our Community & the World