Weekly Newsletter | October 26, 2021

October 27: Climate Change: 
Insights From an Expert
Scientists have agreed for decades that the planet’s climate is changing. But without sufficient data, some scientists said they couldn’t link with certainty, the effects of global warming with their causes, natural or manmade. The United Nations Climate Report, released in mid-August, now removes any doubt about who or what is responsible for global warming. Dr. Alan Mix, a distinguished professor of earth, ocean, and atmospheric sciences at Oregon State University, was one of the lead authors of the chapter on oceans. Professor Mix will meet with the club on October 26 to discuss the report’s findings and the impact they will have on us and future generations. 
Program Chair: Ken Van Osdol
Meeting Location: Willamette Heritage Center’s Spinning Room
Meeting ID: 837 5400 9526
Passcode: 910207
Message from President Chane
Greetings Fellow Rotarians:
Zoom/Hybrid format
A big shout out to Estivel and Kevin, from the Boys and Girls Club staff, who have been wonderful the past three weeks helping us with our Zoom/hybrid format. Beginning this week, we’ll be navigating those waters without them so please be understanding if things are a little rough.
End Polio Day
Rotary International’s End Polio Day was October 24. One way you can help is to contribute any amount to help that fight. Donations can be made here: PolioPlus Fund.
Holiday Poinsettias
If you are interested in getting some poinsettias for the holidays, the East Salem Rotary is selling them for $15 each. The color choices are red or white, but…..they need your orders in by October 31. If you want to augment your holiday décor, please contact Nicole Weston at nichole@mannixlawfirm.com.
Good Works Large Grant Deadline
Invite your favorite non-profit organizations to apply for the large grant. The deadline is November 7 and the total amount available is up to $60,000!
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