Weekly Newsletter | September 29, 2015

We conclude Salem Rotary Foundation month with a fun and relaxed social event on Friday, October 2, 2015. Please come, bring guests and family, and help us celebrate SRF. Details can be found in this week’s E Blast as a link to the flyer. At last week’s meeting, we heard from a number of local […]

Weekly Newsletter | September 15, 2015

During the initial goal-setting phase of our Rotary year, your Board members sit down together and plan how much our Club’s charitable giving will be for the year. Do you know how much we’re aiming for? Eighty thousand. That’ right. An 8 with four zeros behind it. The list of charitable initiatives includes everything from […]

Weekly Newsletter | September 8, 2015

  We set aside each September to promote and celebrate your Salem Rotary Foundation (SRF), the Charitable Heart of Salem Rotary. This nonprofit entity is made up of the same members as our Club – which is all of you. It sole purpose is to support the charitable good work that our Club does in […]

Weekly Newsletter | September 1, 2015

Earnest Duvall had big dreams when he graduated from high school in 1949. But there was no financial possibility he could attend college. Through the help of Silverton High School’s principal, Earnest received a scholarship from the Rotary Club of Salem to attend Willamette University. Without that assistance, a college education would have remained a […]

Weekly Newsletter | August 25, 2015

Thanks to all of you who have proposed individuals for membership in our Club. And, thanks to all who have invited guests to our meetings. We are now almost two months into our new Rotary year, and we’ve inducted one new member (hurrah for Dawn Bostwick, sponsor, and David White, new member!). I hope that […]

Weekly Newsletter | August 18, 2015

Peace. The idea of it is so huge, it can seem like an impossible dream. Do you ever feel helpless, as one individual in a world that seems full of conflict? Rotary has an answer for you. Through your membership in the global community of Rotary, you become part of a global peace building force. […]

Weekly Newsletter | August 11, 2015

Ah, summer. Gorgeous sunshine, hiking, baseball, golf…..Our rivers and lakes are low on water, and campfires are a no-no because of the drought, but it’s still a golden Oregon summer. I hope you are enjoying every day that goes by. Our Rotary calendar has its own kind of seasonal rhythm. Over the summer we don’t […]

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